Trial Practice

Our ability to fully analyze, prepare and try cases is one of our greatest strengths. We give our clients the collective expertise of our entire team of knowledgeable, experienced attorneys. When litigation becomes necessary, we are always prepared and advocate aggressively on behalf of both our large corporate clients and our smaller business clients.

Although an early resolution of litigation is the often the most desirable result, when it is necessary we are prepared to take a matter to trial. All cases are prepared with this thought in mind and are ready to be tried if necessary. Over the years we have tried hundreds of cases, large and small, with an over 90% success rate. 

At Lynch Rowin, we have the resources to successfully represent the largest corporations in complex, sophisticated litigations. At the same time, we are committed to providing small businesses with the same zealous representation. We are proud that all types and sizes of businesses turn to us when they need experienced attorneys in their corner.