Appellate Practice

Lynch Rowin has great depth and breadth of experience in appellate work, with a special focus on  New York's  intermediate appellate courts.  Our attorneys know that at the appellate level, cases must be handled differently than they were in the trial court. 

We have handled appeals throughout the New York court system, including the Court of Appeals, the highest court in the state. We have also been involved in cases before the New Jersey Appellate Division and the United States Courts of Appeals for the Second, Third and Eleventh Circuits. Most of these appeals have arisen in cases which we have handled from their inception, but our attorneys have also been specially retained by clients and other law firms to draft and argue appeals in cases which were handled by other law firms in the lower court.

A critical part of the appellate process is the selection of strong issues and the abandonment of weak ones.  Lynch Rowin's attorneys know how to carefully craft appellate briefs to insure that the strongest and best issues are raised.   Because the  panels of judges will  carefully examine the appellate briefs, it is important that they be written in a logical, persuasive way.

The depth of our knowledge ensures that client rights are protected and their interests promoted throughout the appellate process. Our clients can rest assured that their appellate cases are in the best of hands.