Retail Law

Lynch Rowin's  attorneys have helped our clients  navigate the special  legal issues  arising from the operation of  brick and mortar retail stores.  

The combination of foot traffic with state and federal regulations, consumer protection laws, and fire codes necessitates careful review and planning.  Additionally, retailers who sell merchandise are potentially susceptible to theft.  At Lynch Rowin, we know how to address these issues and are uniquely suited to advise on them.

Consumer-business interaction can lead to complex legal issues

Myriad legal issues can arise whenever a customer enters a retailer's premises.  While retailers have the right to protect themselves from shoplifters, security personnel must take care to make sure that the legal requirements for detaining, questioning and arresting suspected shoplifters are followed.  Lynch Rowin has successfully defended false arrest and wrongful imprisonment lawsuits brought by individuals detained on suspicion of shoplifting.  

Our attorneys are adept at working through unit pricing and product pricing display issues with consumer protection agencies.  Lynch Rowin's attorneys understand that retail and other commercial buildings may be subject  to fire code and building code regulation.  For example, switching equipment, computer systems, and stored fuel oil all may raise fire code compliance issues.  We counsel clients whose compliance with applicable codes and regulations has been called into question.

Troubleshooting with clients can avoid future problems

Lynch Rowin's retail law attorneys have longstanding relationships with our retail clients.  In addition to assisting them when lawsuits arise, we also work with them proactively, analyzing why a lawsuit occurred and helping them determine what they can do to prevent them in the future.